Due to Covid-19 we are still waiting for the pools to open in Amsterdam, and don't have any clarity when we can start again with healing sessions. Hopefully in September. You can send us an email that you want to be informed about sessions. We are so much looking forward! 

How to catch an experience that's so unlike any other activity on earth with words from our everyday life? The closest we can get is that it brings us back to what we have experienced in the womb... something our being instantly remembers; the warm, calming, quiet, held and loving space of the womb where gravity does not exist. >>
What is a
 water massage

photo: Sjoukje van Gool 

Merging Your Inner Waters With The Outer Waters ~

~ Activating & Embodying Your Deepest Soul Essence


Available to book a session on monday, thursday, friday and saturdays.


Pool in Amsterdam North

Revalidatiecentrum Evean Douwes Dekker:

Schoenerstraat 11, Amsterdam


Anda Birleanu

"Whatever you read on the site about this therapy, it's just a small part of how much happiness I felt after the session. It was so liberating to feel safe in the therapists arms while being in the water. She was so caring and open to my needs! I completely loved our session. Amazing experience!"

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underwaterphotos taken by Sjoukje van Gool.