How to catch an experience that is so unlike any other activity on earth with words from our everyday life? The closest we can get is that it brings us back to what we have experienced in the womb... something our being instantly remembers; the warm, calming, quiet, held and loving space of the womb where gravity does not exist.


These qualities are making us able to deeply relax, let go & surrender to an unknown level. Not only the muscles are being invited to let go of the developed patterns of contractions, also the mind will drop the need for protection or overly thinking.

A watermassage is more than a massage you are known with. It is a holistic, deep journey within the waters, that can bring you to other perceptions of places inside yourself. Journeying through your own waters, as we do exist out of 80% of water. And coming home to your natural self.

The Session

The session will start with a moment to connect to each other and speak about the journey you're going to embark on. After that we will enter the pool and take a brief moment to honor the water. From there you will enter a journey that will be uniquely to you. The therapist will intuitively guide you in more and more letting go and relaxation. Sometimes this means you will float a lot, sometimes this means that you are being invited to go on a journey underwater, for this you will receive instructions, floaters around your legs and a nose clip. This hour is for you to fully receive and sink deeply into a state of non-doing. At the end we will gently bring you back and help you ground and get used to gravity again. Because of the deep effect of the journey we provide a moment to share a cup of tea afterwards before you head home.

How can a water massage support you?


In need of deep relaxation? Do you notice that sometimes everything is just too much for you and you don't really know how to get out there? Overstimulated, burnout, or just carrying too much weight on your shoulders? A water massage brings you to deep a relaxation, so that all sorrows can easily slide away from you for a while, quiet your mind and finding clarity again. For a burnout we can work through this step by step with several sessions.

Fear of water? Only 10 percent of the population has some form of water fear (hydrophobia). This can often arise in childhood, near drowning experiences or traumatic experiences during birth or even school swimming. No matter how crazy it may sound, it is precisely this work that is easy to get rid of. The number of sessions required for this depends on the type of the fear.

Traumatic experiences? These can be experiences of (sexual) abuse,  birth trauma or other trauma stored in the body. Due to the warmth, safe space and deep state of relaxation in which the body can relax extremely well (better than a regular massage), the cells in the body open up as a matter of course and everything that is wrapped up in them can flow freely again. Emotions and memories can come up and release.

Physical pain? The deep relaxation and lack of gravity allows the body to relax and recover ultimately. Often the pain completely disappears when entering the water. The body finds rest and starts the restorative capacity by itself.

Longing for being carried? Sometimes everything can feel as too much in life, and we are looking for support, we want to be able to be just a carefree child again. And that is sometimes difficult to find. In a water massage, that space is completely there. The warm water naturally envelops you, while the therapist is also there to hold you in full conscious presence, just as you are. You are completely welcome to indicate what you need at that moment. This can be different from being carried in silence and softness like a baby in the womb, or maybe you want to be pulled through the water like a dolphin and let the water take you into a dance.

Letting go (of control), but how? Do you notice that you feel obstacles in your system that you would like to let go of, but are not sure how's is possible? Or do you feel the need to keep control too often? With intentions and a short ceremony, we give your intentions of letting go to the water and the water ensures that you can receive what you need in all care and safety.

When & Where?

Available to book a session on monday, thursday, friday or saturdays.

a warm water pool in Amsterdam North

Any doubts or questions?


We offer the option for a free and no obligation telephone call. This way we can see exactly what you need and how we can support you in this.

Send an email with your phone number and Rose will contact you as soon as possible.

*****  Testimonials  *****




What ever you read on the site about this therapy, it's just a small part of how much happiness I felt after the session. It was so liberating to feel safe in the therapist arms while being in the water. She was so caring and open to my needs! I completely loved our session and I'm planning to have it as a monthly routine. Amazing experience! Thank you so much. 

Marjon van der Velde: 


Omhult en gedragen door Roos en het water gaf ik me als vanzelf over. Al snel had ik geen besef meer van tijd en ruimte en leek het bad oneindig diep. Er was niets en tegelijk was alles er. In het water, begeleidt door Roos kwam ik weer in echt contact met wie ik werkelijk ben. Ik voelde me speels, onbezorgd en ontspannen. Geluk!
En ook na de sessie kan ik nog steeds in contact komen met dat gevoel. Een nieuwe herinnering. Onder water voelde als de eeuwigheid, een ervaring die ik nooit zal vergeten.



My very first water massage / water flow therapy session with Charu was amazing, healing, and unlike anything I have experienced before. Charu was the perfect guide cradling bending twisting stretching pulling and massaging my body through the warm water. I had no problem surrendering to her, and the experience. It was like being back in the womb, and then being reborn. Spiritual, ethereal, meditative, cleansing, confronting, relaxing, opening... highly recommend!

Esmée Versteeg:

Ik heb zelf een watermassage mogen ontvangen en die was niet te omschrijven hoe prachtig!! Ik heb altijd willen weten hoe het is om te zweven, te vliegen en dit kwam het dichts bij dat gevoel. Heerlijk!! Zeker aan te raden!

Elles van Asseldonk:

I can recommend them! Getting one is like starting your spring season even though everything else is still in winter ♥

Daan Groenewoud:

Gisteravond een hele bijzonder ervaring gehad. Misschien wel de meest bijzondere ervaring tot nu toe. Een stil hoofd, zonder gedachten en een lichaam wat zich overgaf als nooit tevoren. Gedragen door het water en Imaya voelde ik me zo veilig en gezien.
Daarnaast heeft het mij zoveel vrijheid van geest gegeven. Ik heb mijn passie gevonden en vooral ook een nog grotere liefde en dankbaarheid voor het water.
Zo'n oprechte connectie met zowel Imaya als het water voelde heel bijzonder. Ik kan niet vaak genoeg benadrukken hoe bijzonder dit voor mij geweest is. Dit is absoluut iets wat ik vaker ga doen. 


De eenheid die ik ervoer met elkaar en het water zorgde voor een ervaring waarin ik helemaal kon ontspannen en overgeven.  Ik voelde mij heel erg gedragen door Imaya en het water, en voelde dat er tijdens de sessie volledige aanwezigheid was voor mijn ervaring en wat er nodig was. Het letterlijk zweven maakte me dromerig en rustig, heel bijzonder! 

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