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The Mermaids


Imaya Renee

(in Thailand)

As a mermaid Imaya has been living on tropical Koh Phangan in Thailand spending most of her days with mother ocean. Of course her flow brought her in contact with Watermassage, something that felt so home, so like her. She completed the Wataflow course and after starting Within Waters in Amsterdam, now she's back in Thailand to offer sessions and recently opened a women temple.


Rosanne Versteeg

Rose feels deep love for the water element and it has always been a big part of her live. After she received her first watermassage she was 'sold' and went to Ibiza to complete Aquahara level 1, 2 & 3. Besides sharing the water magic in Amsterdam, Rose shares her art. She is a visual artist, allowing her waters to create on canvas. She is an art-teacher and creates workshops for intuitive painting and therapeutic art. 

As for now her perfect combination is bringing the teaching skills and waterwork together. Since a year she has also been organizing conscious water workshops, and trainings in the water. 

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